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The Tin Goat Headtube Badge

​We get a lot of comments about our Head Badge.  They are made from 18/8 Stainless Steel.  So they, like our frames, will not rust and are incredibly durable- just the thing for a bikepacking frame.


They are first cut on a laser CNC machine.  They are then taken through a series of processes to ease sharp edges, polish, bend to shape and, finally, color them.  How do we color a material that almost nothing sticks to?  Heat treatment. 


Ever notice the exhaust pipes on a motorcycle and how they can be rainbow-colored close to the engine?  The heat generated by the engine creates that effect in the surface of the steel.  


Each Tin Goat badge is individually heated to create coloration that can range from blue to bronze to steel-gray.  We heat them unevenly in order to create the varied, multi-color effect.  Each one is unique.  They are secured with copper rivets.


Although this color is in the steel itself, it can be worn-off under strong abrasion so we recommend covering the badge when a handlebar bag is going to be used.  Either duck tape or (pro tip) gaffer tape will do the job.


And, BTW, the head badge weighs 18 grams.

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