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Why Titanium?

  • Smooth & Efficient
    Titanium has an inherent ability to absorb vibration and trail chatter.  At the same time, with sufficient tubing diameters, titanium frames can be stiff and efficient when laying down big watts.


  • Steadfast
    Especially important for adventures into remote lands, Titanium is strong and incredibly durable.  It will never rust.  A well-designed titanium frame should provide many years of high-performance service.


  • The Warm Glow
    Nothing else looks like the raw beauty of brushed Titanium. The magic metal has a soft warmth to it that is unmistakable.  The matte grey graphics contrast with the brushed polish to present a simple, utilitarian beauty that is readily appreciated by anyone.  Take a clean Tin Goat on a popular trail and see the comments it attracts.  That is not an accident.


  • Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal.

  •  Our frames are made exclusively from aerospace grade seamless 3Al-2.5V tubing.  This is the industry standard and for good reason:  It offers the best balance of performance characteristics and workability.
  • Titanium is highly recyclable during fabrication, which helps to moderate cost relative to other advanced materials.
  • A brushed Titanium bike finish can be renewed with a common scouring pad, and never needs to be repainted.


For an in-depth discussion of the 6 most critical concerns when selecting a material for bike frames, click HERE

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