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The Hoopla

Bikepacking, Gravel, Trail, Adventure, Travel

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The Kokomo- Coming in 2020

Gravel, Touring, Backroads, Randonneur, Gran Fondo

Hoopla Fork

The Velvet Hammer...





Old enough to Know Better...

Young enough for a Bit of Hooliganism

We were looking for bikepacking steeds, but nothing out there exactly lined-up:

So we picked up a pencil (CAD software actually) and laid-out what we thought would be a great bike for multi-day tours, but still flexible enough to work well as a hardtail, snow bike or commuter.  Then we tracked-down one of the most respected Titanium shops in Asia and sweet-talked them into taking a look at what we had in mind.

That first prototype saw thousands of miles under a huge range of riders in all sorts of conditions:  Cowboy-skinny, NFL-Built, bikepacking at 10,000 feet, trail riding, deep snow, errands around town...

Tin Goat:   "Hammer on it.  Then tell us what sucks.  Don't hold back."

Test Rider (Later):  "Hmmm.  Too shiny?"


Strong - Affordable - Light:   

We'll take all three, thanks! 

John Svoboda- Grand Poobah

John has toured many thousands of miles, coast-to-coast and overseas, on and off-road, over the past 40 years.  He has also raced, wrenched, commuted and even polo-ed (quite poorly, too!).  He has created and completed original bikepacking routes across the Southwest U.S.

In addition to running Tin Goat, John teaches in the College of Engineering at the University of Colorado.  He is a patented inventor, a tech entrepreneur and the holder of one Bachelors and two Masters degrees.


Tin Goat and John are fortunate to garner the guidance and contributions of several local bike industry heavyweights.

  • Crazy Expensive

  • Leaden to Ride

  • Long wait times

  • Bizzarre geometry

  • Fugly

  • Fragile



  • Why Titanium?

  • Where did the name come from?

  • Exactly what makes Titanium a superior material?

  • Dang- Nice Head Badge.  How do you make those?


  • What is the warranty? 

  • Let me count the ways...

  • There's no place like home...

  • Gonna get my geek-on to answer this one...

  • The Tin Goat badge is a labor of love...

  • 5 years on frames...





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